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    • your song made me feel cry!! OMG

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    • Jatie

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    • Sad :(

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    • Relatable


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  • Brent u have a nice singing voice

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  • That's it I'm not gonna watch this vid cause Brent is going to make me unsubscribe so I won't watch this type of vids

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  • This is to much I can't take it anymore with Brent,he is making me want to unsubscribe so I won't watch this type of vids guys⬇ Please how do I see my subscribers please tell me

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  • Hey brent so much love ❤️ from india

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  • When Pierson said " relax " I laughed so hard

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  • Gosh you guys are sooooo funnnnn😂😭

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  • I. Love. Brent

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  • Relabel

    Tala SherifTala Sherif18 giờ trước
  • There is a fact that in the tittle they say i or my best friend kissed for the first time but in the thumnail they already have kissed twice xD

    Arhaan AbdullahArhaan Abdullah19 giờ trước
  • massage is pan full but not that painful

    karen Qinkaren Qin19 giờ trước
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  • i like Jeremy da baby

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  • I LOVED this video so much it was so freakin funny 😆

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  • Alex: eating snacks in the pantry Brent: Alex!!!! Me: Alex‘s is one messy eater

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  • i love ur videosssssssssss relatable

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  • love your vids keep it up

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  • I want to tie-dye I want the pink tie-dye

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  • Brent your videos are the best

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  • adios amigos

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  • I’m your biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest fannnnnnnnnnnn!! Believe me!!

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  • I want to color pink

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  • But brent my size is 8

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  • 7:00 IM OBSSED

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  • I think the only reason there hanging out is because the tv is not working lol

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  • Pierson+ Alan= Plan . Plan to make Brent angry and jealous

  • It's a mad house anyone else thinks that?? 👇

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  • Aww brent sings amazing 😍

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  • This is what happens when you not make a move brent

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  • Hi Brent can I get the merged please cos I'm 9 years old

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    • IKR 😲

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