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  • His videos should be called doing a lot of challenges with my friends cause he does so much challenges which I love it he so funny that why I come see his videos cause he the best and also his squad

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  • it was so funny when jermery(i dont know how to spell it sorry) was exposed for getting the job

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  • Yo I was just watching this video without any earplugs and I told my sister that they were surprising Jason Derulo with his biggest fear and when Brent said "Mason and Jeremy" My sister went," So... I f you mix their names... It will become... Jason? Jason Derulo...?" And I was like" K amma comment that shit"

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  • I love how jason said this at first "aww c'mon bro you shouldnt have" When he saw the snake "shit b get it off of me

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  • (2:17) in this clip of dom's laptop screen after he was abducted did anyone notice dom was still there

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  • Brent: Jeremy Just Got A Job At Target So As Good Friends We Will Go Mess With Him Lol

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  • 3:07 it was at that moment he knew that he was........

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